Felipao Scolarius

Yerasol Veteran turned copper.


Felipao served in the wars, and is a veteran of the frontline. He served withDunga and it was the half-orc who taught him Giant. On return home, Felipao joined the police force with Dunga, and was assigned to a division dealing with the making and selling of illicit booze.

Felipao was required to go undercover, to become a seasoned veteran of the downmarket bars where one could buy illegal hooch – often meeting with Dunga’s cousin Doriva. However, Felipao has much more restraint and often doesn’t drink despite it looking like he’s had a few.

He was transferred to replace Doriva at the request of Dunga after Doriva was mortally wounded during the boat escapade. Felipao has a very black and white view of the world – he thinks in “them and us” terms and “they” deserve to be brought to justice or killed. He’s very reticent to reveal his true feelings although he is a likeable guy.

Felipao Scolarius

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