Nihilistic Alcoholic Loner Half-Orc Cleric Skyseer


Doriva comes from a difficult background. Born in a small village, his birth was marked with signs and portents – this child was to be a seer.

Visions plagued Doriva as a child; visions of fire, of pain and death – and of a choice, a choice so horrible that there was no right answer. For Doriva was doomed to choose between his love and the fates of many people – no matter what he would choose, he would cause suffering and pain.

Doriva has resolved not to make a choice. Instead of possibly losing someone he loves, Doriva has chosen not to love anyone, and to block out the future with the only thing that works – the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. Death holds no fear for Doriva – for what he fears most is life and love.

Prior to joining the constabulary, Doriva would make money by forseeing games of chance against naive marks, and then taking their money off them. He would listen to people conspire against him in languages he couldn’t know – unbeknown to them that he had given himself the ability to understand them using his talents. However, grifting only gets one so far and one drunken evening, Doriva stumbled into the constabulary recruiting office and signed his life away.

Now stuck with a job he doesn’t really care about, with people he doesn’t really care about all Doriva cares about is where his next drink is coming from – and when he can next get to the Crow’s Nest to put away another pint of whiskey


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