Carlus Tadlock

You don't need to know how I know. Just KNOW I know...


Carlus Tadlock
level 1,
Human, Seeker,
Build: Vengeful Seeker
Seeker’s Bond: Bloodbond
Background: Occupation – Military (RHC), Eternal Seekers, Seer, Touched by an Angel (Arcana = Class Skill)
Zeitgeist Character Theme: Spirit Medium

Str 12, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 13.

Str 12, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 13.

AC: 14 Fort: 12 Reflex: 14 Will: 15
HP: 25, Surges: 8, Surge Value: 6

Insight +8, Nature +8, Perception +8, Arcana +7, Intimidate +6

Dungeoneering +3, Heal +3, History +2, Religion +2, Athletics +1, Bluff +1, Diplomacy +1, Endurance +1, Streetwise +1, Acrobatics +0, Stealth +0, Thievery +0,

Human: Weapon Expertise (Firearms),
Level 1: Spirit Talker, *

Human: Grappling Spirits
Spirit Medium: Speak with Spirit
Spirit Medium: Unfinished Business
Seeker at-will 1: Guardian Harrier
Seeker at-will 1: Elemental Spirits
Spirit Talker: Call Spirit Companion *
Spirit Talker: World Speaker’s Command *
Seeker encounter 1: Mischief Spirits
Seeker daily 1: Rime Strike

Backpack, Bedroll, Inquisitive’s Kit, Leather Armour, Carbine, Bayonet, 2.90 gp.,

Zeitgeist Character Theme: Spirit Medium

Speak with Spirit
Standard Action, Close Burst 1, Target: 1 creature in burst.
Creature who died within past day and is still dead. Effect: Ask 3 questions of target. For each question make Arcana, Diplomacy, or Insight Check. DC based on target’s level and is Easy/Medium/Hard depending on target’s demeanour toward you when it died and how protective it is of the knowledge. Success = short answer (minute or less). Might also use this power on restless spirits not yet moved on regardless how long ago they died. Uses against undead or in combat is possible but very difficult.

Unfinished Business
Standard Action, Close Burst 10, Target: 1 creature killed this encounter within 3 miles.
Conjure the dead creature’s spirit within burst. It attacks with one of its at-will powers as if alive with a +2 bonus to attack and it deals full damage to insubstantial targets. After its attack the spirit disappears.


Born and Bred on the East bank of the Stray River Carlus had a fairly normal childhood. Like many children Carlus had an imaginary friend, his parents, as many are want to do, indulged this fantasy, but as he approached manhood his parents became quite worried that Carlus continued to cling to the fantasy, to the extent that he would often still blame the imaginary friend for various incidents. Carlus for his part cared little whether others believed in his companion. To Carlus he was as real as anyone.

As the part of the city most outsiders tend to visit and stay in, the banks of the Stray River are home to numerous forms of ‘entertainment’. Carlus remembers the many festivals at the Penny Pyre, where locals and visitors from all over Risur would come to watch the copper burn, but more importantly numerous mediums and fate readers ply their trade there. Carlus approached one such medium with regard to his ‘imaginary’ friend. The medium informed Carlus that the ‘friend’ was in fact Carlus’ Spirit Guide; a guardian angel of sorts, believed to be the soul of a long dead being, possibly an ancient relative of those they attach themselves to. The medium emphasised the rarity of a Spirit Guide manifesting itself to its companion without the living partner undergoing months of meditation and spiritual preparation and awakening and took it upon herself to teach Carlus how to strengthen the already potent bond with his Spirit Guide.

Over several months the medium taught Carlus how to commune with his Spirit Guide effectively, and in time Carlus discovered his Spirit Guide could be useful, rather than simply the cause of countless inexplicable pranks during his youth. The Spirit Guide would protect Carlus, offer guidance in the form of a vision or a whisper in the ear. He even found he could converse, albeit stuntedly, with the whisper in his ear, in so far as Carlus’ Spirit Guide could communicate with the souls of the recently dead on Carlus’ behalf. Such a capacity made tracking down their killers substantially easier. Occasionally Carlus’ Spirit Guide would bring him visions of such foul-play on behalf of the recently deceased. Armed with such news Carlus would faithfully recount his knowledge to officers of the city Watch. Initially treated with scorn Carlus’ information proved accurate time after time until his council was actively sought on such matters.

Eventually his services were taken on by the Royal Homeland Constabulary, and although not every agent is given training in firearms Carlus found them quite intriguing and so requested such training. With the help of his Spirit Guide who, for reasons known only to itself, took to accompanying bullets as they sped from the barrel of Carlus’ carbine he proved to be a pretty good shot. Not only did the Spirit Guide make each shot more accurate, but with ‘suggestions’ from Carlus the pair worked out some rather unique effects the Spirit Guide could unleash on a target.

Having recently acquired his firearms licence Carlus is eager to begin working as an investigator for the RHC, however there are still those who consider Carlus a charlatan, but then he never paid any heed to what others thought as a child and he shows no inclination to change now…

Carlus Tadlock

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