Royal Homeland Constabulary


Based in Flint this is the organisation the PC’s work for.
RHC constables are law enforcement officers tasked with protecting Risur from serious threats, usually in the form of foreign plots, magically-equipped criminals, and various supernatural foes everyday police are not equipped to deal with.
Central district is home to the local headquarters of the RHC

Game information

Working for a living

Each adventure in heroic tier will include guidelines for the DM to provide money to you and your fellow PCs at regular intervals, usually once per level. You can use this money to equip your character, though getting uncommon and rare items is not guaranteed. Whenever you’re in a suitable place to shop, you can buy common items without restriction. Uncommon and rare items cost their normal amount, but whether you can get them and how long it takes depends on your Prestige. (See “Prestige,” page 15. players guide ) This abstraction represents what would realistically be a complex system of salary, stipend, and very
large quantities of paperwork.

Upgrades, Loot, and Skimming Off the Top.
You can turn in any functioning item to the RHC for its full value. This allows you to keep yourself equipped with the best material available, or at least the best that government bureaucracy thinks you can be trusted with. Whenever the party acquires any sort of treasure in the course of a mission, you will be expected to hand it over to your superiors, which should keep you at the expected power for your level. If you recover something you want for yourself, you can spend money to requisition it, though that may take some time. There is always some leeway, and constables are allowed to hold onto loot for a reasonable period of time. If you defeat a foe with a magic sword, and his weapon would aid you in your immediate investigation, you can hold onto it for a few days, but you’re expected to turn it in. An alternative, of course, is to hold onto items and not report them to the RHC. This is illegal, and would likely be grounds for dismissal. Such pecuniary misdeeds are expected of common police, but the RHC is held to higher standards. If you attempt to sell such an item, you cannot take advantage of the RHC’s favorable rates, and must use the normal values (20% base cost for common items, 50% for uncommon, 100% for rare). Be careful, though, because prison is not kind to former law officers who turn to crime.

Exceptions and Variants.
If you receive a gift, you can keep it, though the RHC might factor it into how much of a stipend they need to provide for your next mission. If the DM prefers, you could alter the setting so that magic items are rarer. The PCs could use the inherent bonuses rule, and they would be provided a much smaller stipend (about one-fourth the suggested amount), which could be used to purchase expendable items and ritual components. Finally, if the DM decides to run a campaign where you are not part of the RHC, or if the party decides to spontaneously become pirates out of frustration with the bureaucracy they have to deal with, you can use traditional treasure parcels. The adventures will provide suggestions for what the PCs find and where.

Requisitioning Equipment.
Start with a base Favour Rating of 3 for Uncommon items, and 5 for Rare items. Add 1 if the item you’re looking for is higher level than you. Then add 1 for each other uncommon or rare item you have. Do not count single-use items or items that the group providing the favour doesn’t know about. Remember that the favour only represents making the item available; you still have to pay for it.


So apart from the above I will not be keeping track of any money characters have in great detail or expect anyone to keep track in detail as to what they have, unless they want to.

Individual character wealth will generally be measured in 7 levels as per below.

7 – Filthy rich

6 – Doing very nicely thank you

5 – Comfortably appointed

4 – Yeah, I’m ok

3 – Tight fisted

2 – Skint

1 – Begging might be an option

Players will generally start at level 4 and will be ask to kep track of their own wealth level unless they want to break it down to coins.

I’ll let players know when their level of expenditure or accumulation will change their wealth level.

Royal Homeland Constabulary

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