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Firearms Rules

These rules supersede those found in the Zeitgeist players manual. I’ve tried to make the weapons deadly but not game breaking, players comments welcomed.

Killing Tool ~ Firearms drop to ‘Brutal 1’ (rerolling 1’s) and deal an extra die of damage. A 1[W] attack with a pistol deals 2d6 damage; with a carbine 2d8; with a musket 2d10.

Rifling ~ Rifling greatly extends the range a firearm can accurately hit a target, though lining up a shot takes time. A gunman can spend a standard action to aim at a target. He chooses a creature he is aware of, and until the end of his next turn he can attack that creature as long as it is within 10 times his normal close range distance. He takes a -4 penalty to this attack roll (instead of the normal -2 penalty for long range). The gunman loses this benefit if he moves.

Threat of Force ~ This is basically the same as a readied action. We’ll just use ready action as per normal

Metal Cartridge Ammunition ~ Not used

Hail of Bullets ~ Not used

Gunsmoke  ~ Whenever you shoot a firearm, you create smoke in your own square. This smoke provides partial concealment (-2) to you from ranged attacks and to any target you try to attack with a ranged attack from that square. The smoke lasts until the end of your next turn. Strong winds may disperse such smoke immediately, whereas very enclosed spaces might cause the smoke to linger additional rounds

Mishaps ~ Whenever you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll with a firearm, you can choose to reroll the attack. If you do, the gun is damaged after the attack, and must be repaired during a short rest before it can be used again. Additionally, if the second roll is a 1, the weapon deals 1[W] damage to you. If the gun is magical, it is only damaged if the second roll is a 1 to 5. Magical guns still damage you if the second roll is a natural 1. Additionally if you are attacked by an area attack with the fire keyword and you have a firearm on your person that is loaded and ready to fire then the weapon may go off. Roll d20, on a 1-4 the weapon goes off, make a saving throw, if failed the weapon strikes the character wielding it and does normal damage.

Loading ~ All firearms require a standard action to load.

NOTE – It’s currently not possible to quire the following feats. This may change
Fantastic Contraption.
Prerequisite: Technologist theme.
The contraption you summon with disposable simulacrum gains a speed of 30’, and a Strength score of 1. As long as it is within 50’ of you, you can spend a move action to have it walk its speed, and/or pick up or manipulate an item.
Firearm Expertise.
You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with firearm weapons. This increases to +2 at 11th level, and to +3 at 21st level. You can prepare a ‘fast reload’ of firearms that effectively enables you to fire twice in two successive rounds before you need to reload as per normal. as a minor action instead of by spending a standard action. When you use a power that lets you make multiple ranged attacks, reloading between the attacks is a free action.

Whimsy Cards

Whimsy cards are used in the game. The following is an extract from this site. Generally players start the session with one or two whimsy cards and they may be refresh, all depending on the game flow and player creativity with the cards and input into the game :)

Whimsy Cards are a near-universal role-playing accessories originally published by Lion Rampant in conjunction with their innovative and influential game, Ars Magica. This was a deck of cards with plot devices on them. Each player would get one at the beginning of the game, and would play them at some point during the game when it would make the story more interesting (or make the PC’s lives more difficult!). If the GM liked the use of the Whimsy Card, the player might get another one to replace the one she played. Use of Whimsy Cards is always subject to GM approval and/or modification.

House Rules

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