Flint is the heart of Risur’s industrial revolution, and it is the base of operations for the RHC (and for the PCs).

Population: 800,000
Head of Government: City Governor Roland Stanfield
Prominent Landmarks: Cauldron Hill, Parity Lake, Navras Opera House, Stanfield Canal

Flint is the economic capitol of Risur. The frequently smog-choked industrial powerhouse sits nestled among dozens of granite peaks along the eastern stretch of Avery Coast. With a rapidly-growing population of over half a million, slums for factory workers have begun to clump along these steep hills, while builders work to clear large sections of rainforest from within the city limits. Small satellite towns cling to the islands outside Flint’s harbor, and many foreign nations and businesses have flocked to the city to gain influence in the past forty years.


Bosum Strand
Parity Lake
Pine Island
Stray River
East Bank
West Bank

h4. Traveling Between Districts.

Flint is a sprawling city, and often the party’s investigations will take them across it and back in the course of a single day. In general, by making use of carriages it takes a half hour to move from the heart of one district to the heart of an adjacent one. Walking can double this time. Crossing Flint harbor or reaching one of The Ayres is usually an hour-long affair by sailboat, or half an hour if you know a friendly steamboat captain. Moving through the maze of rookeries in the Nettles can take hours, and it’s always faster to just go around than go over. Few paved roads lead to the Cloudwood, which makes carriages unsuitable, and one could spend hours or days roaming the mountains to the east or bayous to the west. Once the subrail lines are completed, it should be possible to move between Central and either Bosum Strand or Stray River in as few as ten minutes. And if ever the route under the Nettles can overcome sabotage, it could shave nearly an hour off the time to go around the troublesome hills.


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