Character Generation


Players should first choose a theme for their character from those in the Zeitgeist players manual the themes are summarised by the below. After selecting a theme anything else is really possible, go wild… just make sure you can explain how the character fits in the Zeitgeist world ;)

All characters will start as either a fresh recruit of the Royal Homeland Constabulary (RHC) or someone that has been working closely with and is trusted by them.

  • Docker ~ Bohemian working man artists and performers.
  • Eschatologist ~ Philosopher devoted to the proper end of things.
  • Gunsmith ~ Designer and wielder of custom firearms.
  • Martial Scientist ~ Educated and analytical warrior.
  • Skyseer ~ Folk prophet who see the future in the stars.
  • Spirit Medium ~ Contact and control spirits of the dead.
  • Technologist ~ Design small contraptions.
  • Vekeshi Mystic ~ Devoted to the philosophy of slow, proper vengeance against those who oppress the weak.
  • Yerasol Veteran ~ Highly regarded war hero

Character Generation

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