Appearance – Tall and of medium build with a tail that can manipulate small objects. Dark purple hair and reddish skin with eyes of silver. Horns painted with ornate patterns in silver paint. Clothes mostly dark in colour.

Personality – Fascinated with the dark side which is the reason for the interest in necromancy. Holds herself in a ladylike fashion and generally aloof towards those she is unfamiliar with. Unfortunately dirty laugh totally not in keeping with the air of professionalism as a private investigator.

Background – Hailing from originally warm climes she is estranged from her family due to argument with a younger brother. Moves from place to place depending on the work she is engaged with and rents rooms as high as possible in building and never lives with other people. High proficient with Trident spends lots of time practicing alone. Does not bond easily with people but when allegiances are formed they are not forgotten.


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