Thinking outside the box

Never try and be a smart ass with a cop. Especially with a cop who fought in the war, for fuck’s sake.

We’re called into an office by some high class bitch who has heard the good word about what my squad has been doing. However, she has to prove she’s smarter than us grunts by giving us some problem – magical rings and towers.

You could see the machinations in her mind. Prove to us that whilst we’re good at our jobs that she’s smarter than us, so we’ll take her orders without question. Bullshit. This soldier doesn’t work like that.

So we’re asked to put these magic rings she shows us in such a way that they protect these towers, but the lines of magic can’t cross. So the others are sketching in their notepads their solutions and they can’t see how it can be done. The trick is, it can’t be done – and that’s exactly what she wants to show us – that it’s an impossibility and that sometimes we have to accept there are limitations.

However, this soldier doesn’t think like the other grunts. This soldier is smarter than that. It’s true, the problem isn’t possible in two dimensions. However, we don’t live in motherfucking flatland, we live in Risur, and Risur has three dimensions last time I checked. And guess what, fools – the problem is easy when you introduce a third dimension.

So I ambled up, showed her my solution. Her jaw dropped to the floor, and she mumbles something about how the fact we can think outside of the box is why she picked us, or some shit like that. But I know the truth – fact is, this soldier was smarter than her.

As always.



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