She sells sea shells

on the sea saw

82487 by wizards

And I love sea shells. I love sea shell things
I love things with sea shells and sea horses on ’em
Like blankets, and towels, and little bags
I love ’em! Sea horses, forever!
Get me a sword with a seashell, and a horse, a sea horse!
I want them!… NOW!?!

The words of a young boy from the Ayres of Flint, spoken into the right ears, could move mountains.


As a result of Munitia’s combat training any PC involved in combat with Minutia, flanking, aiding etc gains a +1 for on one roll they so choose once per encounter next session.

She sells sea shells
From Sea Shells the end treasure found result was Zero… you basically found what was spent. All PC’s have beginning cash still
She sells sea shells

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